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"Education is
adjusting oneself
to the environment"
---Lord MORLEY

Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka, known for its lush green pleasant environment has many archeological marvels built during the glorious era of the Kadambas of Banavasi. Yellapur is a small town with rustic ambianace nestled under the Western Ghats in Uttara Kannada District. This town is populated by rural folks and tribal people. Yellapur has now become a synonym for education and learning. Situated 60 kms from Hubli, which is connected to the State capital Bangalore through various air, rail and road routes. Yellapur is just 160 kms from Goa, which is a popular tourist destination with air links to major cities. The world famous Jog Falls is only 132 kms from Yellapur and the gorgeous Om Beach at Gokarna is about 60kms.

Vishwadarshana Education Society since its humble beginning at Yellapur has blossomed into a famous educational center not merely to educate the children of Uttara Kannada but also the people of the state and the country in its noble way. Our rich heritage vows its success to the Gurukula System wherein a select number of pupils from a group were being imparted lessons in humility, nobility and simplicity from our sacred scriptures.

However in recent times education is being imparted to the masses without any discrimination of caste, race, color, region, religion or gender. The growth of education has been phenomenal and exponential. Hitech Information & communication technology space research and other latest technological innovations have come under the ambit of education. Man in his quest to satisfy his insatiable thirst for knowledge is now exploring various celestial bodies. Vishwadarshana Education Society at Yellapur has taken the bold stride to facilitate the tribal people and the folkore communities of Uttara Kannada to delve deep into these mysteries. The founder of Vishwadarsha Education Society the ever enterprising Mr. Umesh Bhat with his admirable qualities has received laurels and accolades from all the sections of the society for his astonishing achievements. An Enlightened person Mr. Umesh Bhat was kindled by patriotic feelings to uplift the compatriots of his rural area. Being strongly motivated by the saying of our great visionary Swami Vivekananda “Awake, Arise and stop not until the goal is reached” he established the Vishwadarshana Education Society with the help of a group of dedicated and devoted friends.

Starting from scratch the Vishwadarshana Education Society has established several institutions like the renowned Vanasuma at many deserving places in the district. A Boys High School at Idagundi, A Nursery School, A Girls High School, A Pre-University College and An English Medium School at Yellapur. All are being run by the Vishwadarshana Education Society and are presently growing by leaps and bounds. A Teachers Training College at Yellapur, a School of Nursing at Ankola has been established. Plans are underway to make this backward taluk into a flourishing nerve center. The construction of a new school building at Yellapur and the construction of Hostel Building for the School of Nursing at Ankola along with a 100 bed hospital is in progress to augment the requisite infrastructure. Mr. Umesh Bhat has accomplished all these with single minded devotion. We feel that more and more people from rural area can be benefitted with better education and we are sure that for this financial help is required from like minded people throughout the globe.

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